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Duurzaam speelplezier met Swip Swap

Stichting Swip Swap heeft een belangrijk doel voor ogen en dat is al het speelgoed een tweede leven geven. De gewoonte om alles dat je koopt tijdelijk te gebruiken en simpelweg weg te gooien, kan anders! Met de ontwikkeling van onze leuke en makkelijke speelgoed ruilapp willen wij ouders, maar vooral ook kinderen bewust maken dat ze zelf kunnen bijdragen aan een duurzame toekomst. We willen kinderen leren om te hergebruiken en te delen, want de ervaring is immers belangrijker dan het bezit! Swip Swap heeft inmiddels al veel gebruikers die geloven in deze meerwaarde, en we hopen dat het aantal snel zal groeien.

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Just a little while and then it will be December 5, 2021. Swap Sint's birthday! The Swap Sint has only one wish this year, and that is that the whole of the Netherlands will exchange presents instead of buying new ones. Because did you know that no less than 66% of toys are no longer used, while new toys are constantly being bought? Many toys quickly disappear in the closet, in the attic or in the trash. Sin! That is why Swap Sint wants to create a cultural change in purchasing behavior and show as many people as possible that exchanging is also an option. For a more sustainable future for all children! To make this possible, she needs your support. Will you help Swap Sint get the birthday present of her dreams?   Why should you donate to Swap Sint?   Swap Sint is an independent organization. We are actively committed to creating a cultural change in purchasing behavior by giving toys a second life. We do this through our Swip Swap exchange markets, educational challenges and the Swip Swap toy exchange app. For example, in 2019 130 exchange markets were organized throughout the country, where no fewer than 44,000 toys were exchanged. A donation to Swap Sint means that you help to make second-hand first choice and prevent overconsumption as much as possible. With your donation, large or small, we can continue to organize our activities and continue to realize our mission: to make second-hand first choice! You can already give Swap Sint a birthday gift from € 5.00. Of course you can give more if your wallet allows. We will keep you informed via e-mail and social media about what we do with your donation. Do you want to transfer an amount of your choice? Then use the red donate button.   How do we spend your gift on Swap Sint?   Swap Sint is run entirely by volunteers. From daily answering emails from our ambassadors, to creating content for social media and updating the toolkits and website. We try to make as much sustainable impact as possible with this every year, but we always notice that financing is the biggest challenge. With your donation we can continue our activities.  
Help Swap Sint with the most sustainable Sinterklaas celebration ever